Here The Top 5 Ebooks Websites Templates That Will Increase Your Sales

When you start selling e-books online, you solely rely on e-book selling platforms. But as you continue with this business, you require some freedom. As you know, the platform is in control of other person, and you have limited permission on what you can do there. As such, you need to launch your website for selling your books.

A website will help you to connect with your clients better and also you will enjoy the full loaf of your profit. No commission or royalties to pay. This sounds awesome. For you to have a stunning e-book website, you need to select the best e-book website template.

Here are some of the best website templates that will enhance your e-book sales:

a. Book Store

Book Store is a leading e-book website template from WooCommerce. The template is compatible with modern computing devices. This means that Book Store is a highly responsive website template. Regardless of the browsing device your customers are using, they can easily access your e-book website and make a purchase.

In addition, if you want to customize your website, you have an unlimited array of colors to choose from. Hence, you can make your e-book site appear unique through combining your favorite colors. You also have an opportunity to feature either your bestselling e-book or author. Again, Book Store offers you multiple layouts to organize your web pages.

If you like to share your ebooks on social media or create affiliate links for online e-book selling platforms, all this have been provided to you in this template.

b. eBook

If Book Store does not match with the kind of e-book website you desire, eBook is the next option. This e-book website template is responsive to all computing devices screens. Also, the template allows you to showcase your ebooks. This makes it easier for you to sell e-books online as you offer your clients a chance to choose their favorite book.

Furthermore, if you have international clients, you do not have to worry as the template comes with WooCommerce tax and shipping management. You can also create discount and promotion coupons on your site. Lastly, this e-book website template has automatic updates. As such, when you create your e-book website, you will not worry about additional web software and file updating costs.

c. Bookish

Bookish is a highly responsive e-book website template designed for e-book sellers and marketers. If you are looking for a template to help you make an effective first impression, then Bookish is the best choice. This template comes with modifications that make the audience to notice your e-books quickly.

Also, the template works well with WordPress websites hence you do not have to struggle to move your site to another platform. It also has Google fonts, responsive to all devices, and offers you unlimited color band. Apart from this, Bookish is compatible with all standard browsers. This gives you an upper hand as any potential client can access your site and make a purchase.  

d. Simplify

Do you want to showcase your e-book in animated and 3D images? If this is so, Simplify is the way to go. This web template is suitable for selling e-books online by displaying them in a modern way. Simplify offers you more than 50 CSS3 animations. With this, you can edit and customize your theme according to your preferences.

However, you need to have some knowledge of HTML/CSS coding. As you know, support is essential when building or using certain web templates. Simplify recognize this and are prepared to offer you any support you need to use the template on your e-book website.

Final verdict

As you can see, arrays of e-book website templates are available. Hence, when selling e-books online through your website, you can select any of the above templates to increase your sales.

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